All about Jacksdale and Selston Community Church.

Jacksdale and Selston Community Church has been an established part of Jacksdale since it was founded in 1931. Over the years there have been a few name changes and the Assemblies Of God Great Britain have been the church's foundation throughout.


Today however we are an independent Church who desire to please God and to grow and mature under the guidance of God's word through the power of the Holy Spirit. We continually examine and evaluate the ministry and our worship in the light that God has given us in order to honour and magnify his holy name and to adorn his glorious gospel.


We stand by the belief that the true gospel, according to the 'faith which was once delivered unto the saints', is not a 'humanistic' or 'social' gospel, but is rather the 'power of God unto salvation', the good news that God in his great mercy can forgive all sins and by the power of his Holy Spirit can change lives and bring those who 'repent and believe the gospel' into a glorious, joyful and eternal relationship with him.


We are here to help serve the community of Jacksdale and Selston. If you would like a visit or someone to speak to then please use our contact details section. It is our aim to be accountable and give you the answers you may be asking about our faith and what it is to be a Christian.