The days are urgent. The needs of our nation and our churches are great. The pandemic has been like a searchlight into our soul. Much of what we have discovered has shown us to be wanting in the sight of God.
We are three East Midlands Pastors - Ryan Clarke (Pastor) and Russell Clarke (Assistant Pastor/Elder) both of Jacksdale and Selston Community Church, and Pastor Chris Hand of Crich Baptist Church - who have been meeting together over the last year and a half. Together we have felt a great burden for today's church.
Why have Christians not grown as much as they should? Why has doctrine not reached their hearts? Why do so many professing believers chase false teachers and false experiences?
This is why we are starting 'The Pilgrim's Path.' This is a monthly meeting for believers who don't mind being challenged. 'Iron Sharpens Iron' (Proverbs 27:17) has the idea of men and women being together and stimulating each other in the Word. This will be a time not only of learning, but applying doctrine to our everyday life, that we would be Christians, not only of the Word, but also of deeds. Each time there will be an address then time to talk together and reflect.

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The introductory session to our monthly Pilgrim’s Path meeting. Pastor Chris Hand of Crich Baptist Church opens up by explaining the principle of iron sharpening iron found in Proverbs 27:17, leading on to explain how the idea for these meetings came about from our discussions together over the past year. A question and answers session with Chris, Ryan, and Russ follow the message.


Russ Clarke leads our second session in laying the foundation of the Pilgrims Path meetings. The 5 Solas of the Reformation are of vital importance to the Church which is why we decided upon spending our first five meetings looking at them beginning with 'Sola Scriptura', Scripture alone. A question and answers session with Russ, Chris, and Ryan follow the message.